A federal agency is pondering whether artificial intelligence might someday be used to help the government identify duplicative or overly burdensome federal rules that

Former Trump administration National Security Advisor John Bolton said Wednesday on "CNN Primetime" that he is still considering entering the Republican presidential primary.

House Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry, R-Pa., dodged a question about where he stands on taking Speaker Kevin McCarthy's gavel away after the House

Hundreds of Oakland, California, residents demanded the city take action on the rising crime rates during a Tuesday community safety meeting with local officials

WASHINGTON — Justice Department prosecutors have obtained an audio recording of former President Donald Trump from after he left office in which he talks

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy beat back a revolt from conservative Republicans and opposition from progressive Democrats on Wednesday to pass his bipartisan debt limit

Unearthed anti-white remarks from the former CEO of Chick-fil-A has some of the brand’s conservative patrons asking questions. Former Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy appeared

Two months after his young daughter tragically became one of six people killed by the deranged Covenant School shooter, Tennessee pastor Chad Scruggs returned