House Republicans, who are just weeks away from taking control of the House of Representatives, are already indicating that border security and illegal immigration

Prominent Jewish leaders are slamming former President Donald Trump after he hosted a dinner at his Florida estate that included rap artist Kanye West,

Idaho officials dealing with a quadruple homicide have made a series of major communication mistakes that could impact their ability to solve the case,

A sign outside Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was vandalized with graffiti on Thanksgiving.

November, the month when we celebrate Thanksgiving, is also the month that marks the anniversary of my naturalization ceremony to become an American citizen.

United Furniture Industries fired its entire workforce in the middle of the night right before the Thanksgiving holidays.

Former President Donald Trump’s one-time national security adviser John Bolton called his ex-boss “old and tired,” encouraging the GOP to support someone new for

A record-breaking number of women will serve in Congress come January after the midterms brought in a historic wave of female candidates across both

A Virginia Walmart night supervisor left behind a chilling “death note” before turning the store’s break room into a bloodbath Tuesday night, killing six